Waseca Soil & Water Conservation District
Tree Program


Conservation Trees

The Waseca Soil and Water Conservation District tree program was developed to provide landowners with an affordable way to purchase trees and shrubs for conservation practices, such as windbreaks, shelterbelts, living snowfences, and wildlife habitat.  Many of the county's shelterbelts, farmstead and field windbreaks, wildlife habitat, and reforestation have been started as a result of the SWCD Tree Program.

The tree program is on a first come, first serve basis.  Payment in full is due with your order.  You will be notified when the trees can be picked up. (Usually the end of April/Beginning of May).

The SWCD reserves the right to cancel your order and refund the payment if trees become unavailable. Refunds will not be made for any other reasons.

2017 Tree Program Orders

Orders are now being accepted.  The link for the order form can be found below.  Please stop in the office or call with any questions.

2017 Tree Order Form


Basic Tree Description Fact Sheet

General plant spacing information:  Conifers - 20 ft.  Arborvitaes - 8 ft.  Large Trees - 18 ft.
Small Trees - 8 ft.  and Shrubs - 6 ft. apart